Kenworth KT2000 ACDC CAT Truck & ACDC Trailer Pack

Kenworth KT2000 ACDC
ACDC mod pack made of a Kenworth KT2000 truck and a tipper trailer.

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– Power: 1000 hp
– Truck store price: 250500
– JDXL MultiFruit Trailer included
– Can transport: standard fruit types + apple plum apricot pear cherry apfel carrot aprikose grass grass_windrow wheat_windrow barley_windrow manure forage cucumber pflaume cotton kaffee kirsche onion rice soybean sunflower tomato mohn spelt mushroom triticale oat millet rye birne honeymelone redcabbage whitecabbage savoycabbage silage gravel grit fertilizer hemp sand kalk kies erde grape aubergine sugarcane kuerbis dinkel hops cement

Credits: Eagle355th

Kenworth KT2000 ACDC CAT Truck & ACDC Trailer Pack

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