Terrain and Dirt Control Mod 1.0

Terrain and Dirt Control Mod
This is the first version of the new FS15 Terrain and Dirt Control Mod.



Terrain and Dirt Control Mod 1.0

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This mod adds two effects to the game;
– bouncing shock-absorbers & wheels, depending on the terrain driving on,
– mud holes, which causes vehicles to slow down and possibly get stuck (requires prepared maps though).

How to use:
– Just copy this mod ZIP-file into your MODS folder, and you will automatically get the bouncing shock-absorbers & wheels effect, when you play the game.
– However, for the mud holes you need to use specifically prepared maps to be able to see/experience the effect. – There are instructions within the ZIP file, for how you can prepare a mod-map for it. Look in the TUTORIAL folder within the ZIP-file.


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