Yanova Dolina Map

Yanova Dolina Map
This is the Janova Dolina Map mod made by MIXA189, map made in russian style.

I present you with a map Janov Valley – rural location with stunning paintings of natural landscapes: fields, forests, bodies of water, and a well-developed economy. Based on real terrain. Every corner of the distinctive, unique. It pleases the eye growing on the slopes of crops: wheat, oats, barley, corn, potatoes, beets, canola, rye, soybean, sunflower. Map striking reality. If you want to feel like a real farmer, then this card is for you.

On the map, you can make a variety of farm: cows, cows (meat type), calves, fattened rabbit, sheep, sheep meat type) lambs, pigs, geese, chickens, broilers. You will become a driver of different techniques. You will be able to transport sand, gravel, cement, concrete, board, fuel, beer, milk, eggs on pallets, fruit, wood, and even fish. Will the proud owner of such plants as: cement, biotoplevny, there is a brewery and lisopilka. Sand and crushed stone quarry can help you and your plant to thrive. Good luck to your household!

Map has also all it’s other required mods included.

Yanova Dolina Map

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