Snow Wood Meadow map

Snow Wood Meadow map
Snow Wood Meadow map, version 1.1, winter edition, contains soil mod.

– if you don’t want soil mod just remove soil management file from the mod
– map may not work well on lower end machines
– fictional map in United States that takes places in New England
– this is not a typical map as many are used to
– different sizes of fields and logging areas
– apple orchard and green houses
– maple sugar shack
– goods sales is at the supermarket in the north est
– all sales take place in the back of the building at the marked sell point
– another area for sale is at Garden Center where wooden boards, liquid manure, compost, etc can be sold
– at diary that is just behind garden center you can sell milk and pasteurize it. The pasteurizate milk can be sold at supermarket
– fields are made so you can expand it as you want
– areas of grassy meadows for hay or can be turned into fields

Credits: Stevie, Marhu, webalizer, Andy1978, upsideDown, Xentro, Outbase52, sootysax, mngrazy, Gonimy_Vetrom, Iscarriah, Ziuta, DD ModPassion, Alfredo Prieto, Beowulf212, Dread, JakobT, Gonimy_Vetrom, VAHA, KingFrame, Albi, webalizer, Marxtai, Calamarain, etc

Snow Wood Meadow map

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