Polskie Klimaty v1 map

Polskie Klimaty v1 map
Polskie Klimaty v1 map by Vegan for Farming Simulator 15 tested on 1.4.2 version.

Map has:
– Basic crops
– Manure, urine and lime V2
– Making-feeding in the barn
– The sale of straw in the barn
– Buying seedlings (Agromech shop)
– Shop Agroma
– The sale of eggs
– Purchase of potatoes, beets, grains and wood
– Three forests
– New textures (grass, rape, straw, soil, grass clippings)
– Tree 3d
– Sprinkled / emptying grain in the barn
– Polish climate
– Reset machines
– The machine to start
– One fully playable farm
– The doors opened on the “o”
– Mod chopped

Polskie Klimaty v1 map

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Download (348.7MB) (uploadfiles)

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