Norge Holm Map 4.2

Norge Holm Map 4.2
Download version 4.2 of the Norge Holm Map mod mde for FS15.


Norge Holm Map 4.2

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Version 4.2 Multi Fruit / SoilMod & GMK Mod Mod & MBO:
– Vineyard with numerous vines above the pig and cattle fattening installed.
– created winemakers to produce wine in the vicinity of the horse breeding.
– built sugar factory on the premises of the dairy.
– stock for grapes and sugar near the car dealer created.
– Krone Emsland for transporting grapes and sugar.
– Norge Holm 2016_ab_v4.2-Modübersicht.pdf.
updated PDA Map – NEW.
– objectSettings.xml for MOH 2.6.
– Animated Schwerlastregal as high camp at large cold storage installed.
– built high-bay as a high camp in cold storage for butter production at the dairy.
– water consumption reduced in the coal mine something.
– water consumption reduced by cherry Farm something.
– Large cold storage including automatic storage of goods for the food production, below. Court installed.
– installed Small cold storage for butter production at the dairy.
– biodiesel can be purchased from now the country trade.
– biodiesel can now be charged for free at the Bio-refinery.
– production rate decreases in the cherry farm.
– production rate increases in the cherry Cupcake Bakery.
– volume of cherry pallets of 4000 increased to 5,000.
– New lighting, among other things on the farm, pig, cattle, geese and rabbits mast installed.
– PDA updated. The former fertilizer trade is now called country trade.
– language_de.xml and clientSettings.xml updated for the MOH.
– Improved performance.
– Here and there a few small cosmetic repairs.

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