New Folley Hill Farm V3 Map

New Folley Hill Farm V3 Map
Update number 3.o for the FS15 New Folley Hill Farm Map mod.


– Milk will be auto sold at midnight
– Timber industry with sell points for wood
– Agricultural shop for buying/selling farm vehicles
– One grain sell point for all arable crops in game
– Farm house (Start point in game )
– Two main yards with refueling point, seed/fertilizer refilling points, and a silage bunker
– Cow and Sheep yards/barns
– Pleasant village
– Tight lanes and yards
– Steep valley terrain
– Woodland area for forestry
– Classic starting vehicles
– Small to medium fields
– Chicken eggs to be sold at shop yard
– Wool to be sold at shop yard
– Following are not included in this map
– Bale sell point, as bales are to be used for your animals.
– Bio gas / silage sell point

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New Folley Hill Farm V3 Map

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