Idaho Usa SMG MF map

Idaho Usa SMG MF map
Idaho Usa SMG MF a big map with farms and farm fencing, silo, american style buildings, cow sheed, water mod, horses, mill, etc.

– map Silo band, fermenting silo, Water mod, Wool palette collector, pig mod
– barns, sellshed, rootcrop barns
– american buildings
– horses
– gas station
– McDonalds
– radio tower
– traffic lights
– water station, trucks, slaughterhouse
– brewery
– loading ramp
– multifarm
– mill
– etc

Credits: Farmer Klink and Diesel Boss + buildings authors

Idaho Usa SMG MF map

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Download MAP (849MB) (mega)
Download Required Mods (504KB) (mega)
Download Optional mods (787KB) (mega)

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