FS15 County Line Map 1.1 (American map)

FS15 County Line Map
Hello to all. This is FS15 County Line Map mod, now at 1.1 current version.

County Line Map 1.1Video:

Welcome to County Line.  You start on a small family farm with enough money to get started with a modest beginning.  You initially own 4 fields near your farm and 1 hog installation down the road a bit, but can buy more fields from the real estate office in Burksville. If you are successful, you can buy nearby land and start expanding your farm! Multifruit enabled with soybean, oats, sunflower, sorghum, alfalfa, and clover.

There are options to buy dairy, beef, and hog installations as well as additional grain bin complexes.  There are multiple sell points around the map and straw/bales can be sold at the horse ranch in the southeast corner of the map.  On the map you will find all default crops plus soybean, oats, sunflowers, and sorghum. Your grain bins have limited capacity per crop, so plan accordingly.  Young animals can be bought from the auction near the center of the map.  Once they are fattened, they can be sold to Smithfield just near the railroad tracks in Moore.  Milk from your dairy can be sold manually at the dairy plant on the west side of the map (I recommend Marhu’s stop milk sale mod if doing this).

CAUTION: I have modified the soilmod, chopped straw, and multifruit mods that come in this pack to function with these new fruits, but you must use the versions of them I have supplied with the map.  Those mods will not work with other maps, you must use the default versions of them when not playing this map.  The default versions will also work with this map, but the soilmod/choppedstraw function for the additional fruits is lost.

Some of the more savvy of you may also notice a file called “SummerTrees” in the map zip.  Copying these to the file path in that file will change the trees to be all green.  The is also a folder called “AutumnTrees” to change it back again, if desired.

– Soilmod ready
– Terrain and Dirt Control ready
– Damage mod ready
– ChoppedStraw
– CompostSoil
– Buyable objects
– AnimationMapTrigger
– MapDoorTrigger
– MapAmpeln
– multifruit

FS15 County Line Map 1.1 (American map)

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