Freeland map (v1.5)

Freeland map (v1.5)
Freeland map realized for Farming Simulator 15


At the end of LS15 I’d like you to have my Map “Freeland”.

What awaits you on this map?

The terrain is rather flat but has yet a few rolling hills
which blend nicely into the landscape.
There you will find wide meadows, small and medium and large fields
that you can edit it with corresponding machine of your choice.
Standard vehicles are available as Start Vehicles ,

A forest is naturally present to produce wood chips or logs.

In Freeland a economic cycle is inserted it you makes
the life of a modern farmer möcglichst to make real.
The Court is therefore relatively modern style and more spacious to
with large machines (which you will surely purchase) to get along well.

As crops you can grow:
– Standart (Wheat, Rape, Barley, Potato, Sugarbeet, Maize, Grass, DryGrass)

were also added:

– Klee
– Luzerne
– Oat
– Rye
– Sunflower

Of course, the “choppedStraw” Mod was installed.

Changed / modified were also all swaths on the map.
These are now higher, thicker and narrower and can also
be well received standard vehicles.
The textures of the fruits and the grounds were renovated and
are now up to date.

Buildings whose function can be found next to the Freeland:
– MixFeeder
– BeetMaster
– Kartffelkreislauf
– Dairy (Pickup product chain)
– Ruebenschnitzeler
– EggLayingStation (egg-laying station)
– Sawmill
– mixing station
– Kompostier_Anlage
– Balemaster
– SeedMaster2k15
– Hardware

As mast building were installed:
– Hünermast
– pig
– cattle fattening

As well as of course the associated end cattle market.

You have need for correct play:
Multi Vitamin 128
Universal Process Kitt
Animation Map Trigger

Freeland map (v1.5)

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– Credits: Model: Mod by: Giants Software GmbH Mapbau: Jogi / Traurigernarr (FBM team) texture: thanks to all the modders and scripters whose mods I used , Script: Thanks to all the modders and scripters whose mods I have used. Idea / Concept: Tester: Team FBM BlueIce-Micha John Digga86 MrBonecrusher6 and Opa charly1 Other: I also thank all who have helped me to realize my map.
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