Emerald Coast USA – American Map

Emerald Coast USA Map
Hello y’all. This is Emerald Coast USA map mod for Farming Simulator 15.

Some of the features:
– Biomass Plant – wood chips (near the sawmill)
– Grain Mill – corn, wheat, barley, rape, oat and soybean
– Garden Center – wool, bales and cotton
– Southern Ag – sugar beet and potato

Required mods:
– Animation Map Trigger v1.0.4
– Universal Process Kit
– Terrain And Dirt Control

Optional mods:
– Soilmod Soil Management Growth Control 2.2
– Balefeed mod
– Multi Mowing Mod
– Bale Extension

Note: This map is not for weak computers.

Read map full description here.

Emerald Coast USA – American Map

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