Big European Map 2.0 beta 3

Big European Map 3.0
Here is update 2.0 beta 3 for the Big European Map mod made for FS15.


This map is ported from FS13 to FS15.

Big European Map 2.0 beta 3

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Version 3.0
I bring to you, the new Big EuropeanMap BETA 3 (BEM).
Now, with several enhancements:
New PDA with high definition image quality (4x image)
Vegetation and detail of the map (not finished)
Traffic for the milk truck
New prices for the fields
Fixed bug with the icons on the map
Fixed bug with trigger selling “beef”
New “placeable” for early career
This will be the last update to the map. The next version will come as the final summer 2.0. Scheduled for end of this month.

General characteristics of the map:
– Agrar Fliegerv1.3.4b
– MapSiloBand v2.5.2
– WoolPaletteCollector v1.3.1
– Schweinemast v1.0.3 (pigs)
– RinderMast V 1.0 (beefs)
– WaterMod v3.0.1
– MischStation v2.3.6
– Oberthalbacher Landhandel rebuild v 1.0
– Forgotten Plants V 1.0 Realistic Texture
– Gülle Mist und Kalk Mod 2.1.0
– New cowzone, refurbished, new barn.
– new farm silos (complet pack v2)
– Brauerei Mit Produktion V 3.0

Download (284MB) (uploadfiles)

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